Tiny Homes – Sustainable Future?

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We passed an important first step towards more sustainable living in TLTI. The Tiny House movement is an important way to make housing more accessible to young families as well as seniors who want to down size. The next steps will be to look at sustainable smaller subdivisions and lots as well as how we can service those smaller developments. This should be part of the Official Plan Review process.
This is the main component of the new bylaw:

Tiny Dwelling shall mean a dwelling-like structure which is or has been constructed, erected or placed on a towable trailer system such as a bumper hitch, frame-towing hitch, or fifth-wheel connection, and cannot move (and was not designed to be moved) under its own power. Roof height is from bottom of tires to the top of the highest exterior point on the house, including any protrusions.
Such a dwelling must have the following attributes to
meet this definition:
1) All houses must have both front and rear porches or decks with at least one porch or deck (front) oriented towards the front lot line and designed to provide a sense of privacy between units if in small lot development. The required porches and or decks shall be a minimum of 7.4 square metres (80 square feet) and a minimum of 2.4 metres (8 eight feet) deep and as wide as the dwelling. The square footage may be reduced to 5.5 square meters (60 sixty square feet), minimum 1.8 metres (6 feet) deep on units less than 55.7 square metres (600
total gross square feet).
2) All houses must be placed on a foundation with solid skirting finished in like material as the house exterior.
3) Secondary entrances facing a road shall have a minimum five-by-five-foot porch.

To view the full bylaw you can go here: