AMO Conference 2017

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We are wrapping up what has been one of the busiest and certainly one of the most successful AMO conferences since I took office. Our delegations dealt with many files and we had a significant amount of meaningful discussions and positive outcomes for the residents of Leeds and Thousand Islands and Leeds and Grenville. The Township of Leeds and Thousand Islands and Leeds and Grenville were well prepared because of the great advanced work done by our CAO Greg Borduas and his team, CAO Andy Brown from the County and Lesley Todd our County Clerk. The important formal and informal discussions that occurred during this conference have secured additional meetings following the conference to deal with big and small issues that affect our residents. The relationships we have built over the past few years with both Ministers, senior leaders and other delegates have put the Township of Leeds and Thousand Islands front and centre as a respected member of the AMO family. In addition we also met with many agencies and corporations that directly impact our Township. This included the office of the Ontario Ombudsman who provide oversight for residents and councillors alike. Every year there are new relationships that are forged and this year it was no different where we met many new people as we proudly represented the Township of Leeds and Thousand Islands.
I would like to also acknowledge the tireless work that Liz Huff does on the AMO and ROMA boards and as a member of the AMO Rural Caucus. Her representation gives our region an important voice at the table for Rural issues that affect TLTI and she is a well respected member of AMO because of her balanced approach and great ideas! Congratulations Liz on another job well done!