Interesting Things From ROMA 2018

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Part of what makes the ROMA Conference an important resource for Municipal staff and officials are the different organizations who are either presenting or part of the exhibitor section of the show. Here are a couple of links to some interesting organizations the from the 2018 conference.


Created under Ontario’s Water Opportunities Act in 2010, the Water Technology Acceleration Project (WaterTAP) is a non-profit organization that brings private-sector experience and guidance to accelerate the growth and prosperity of Ontario’s water sector and champions the sector’s success stories globally.

At the conference they presented with Mike Dwyer from Rideau Lakes about how we need more options for servicing in Rural Ontario.

WaterTAP Ontario Home Page


We all know that sometimes communication or lack theroff can be a huge challenge to aligning not only Team goals but Strategic Goals. We are constantly updating our Strategic Plan and working on the various projects within the plan.

This group had a software package that allowed municipalities more control over not only the plan but all elements of communication and action.