Rockport Customs Dock Update

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For those looking for some more information about the Rockport Customs Dock, there is a significant amount of information and it is all public. Council voted in favour of negotiations after it had received a follow up report and estimates for repair. There was a public session and a petition organized by the Rockport group in February of 2016 and in March of 2016 and the information from that public meeting was presented to council. The public and the residents of Rockport were firmly in support of this project. Council also included the Customs dock in our 2016-17-18 capital budget as part of our Capital planning in order to be prepared for the next phase of planning that included the not for profit that is now in place. The next phase will be to solidify the plans with the Not For Profit who will begin fundraising, define the phases and final plans and then implement the project. I have included links to the presentations and comprehensive detailed documents. As always I am open to your questions or comments.